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Off Helper :: Guide & Information

General info:
* Off Helper players receive -5% less experience from killing a monster
* Off Helper players automatically buffs all party members (delay time between applying buff/heal again is 10 seconds)
* Off Helper players automatically check for necessity to drink HP and Mana potions (delay time between check is 1 second)
* Off Helper players automatically check for repairs every 60 seconds
* Off Helper players automatically pick up items (INCLUDING ancient items) you selected in your MuHelper settings, but EXCEPT exclusive items

How to start: Open Mu Helper settings and click button "OFF HELPER" (sometimes, it asks to click "Save Setting" button first, before clicking on "OFF HELPER"). That's it, now if it shows you "reconnecting..." - it means character is in Off-Level mode and you can close the window, but if you keep the window opened and do not close it, it will eventually reconnect you back to your character.

Once settings are saved, to Start/Stop MuHelper press short-cut key: "Home"

*Exclusive items (limits):
- OffHelper account limit: 2
- If you are playing/online with maximum allowed accounts per IP (mu logs opened), you won't be able to start OFF HELPER, so you must log out from 1 account (close 1 window), and then you can set accounts/characters on OFF HELPER, and then login back with account you logged out and play with him/set him in OffHelper mode as well.
- Does not collect exclusive item like Condor Flame, Fenrir Parts (such an items can be picked up only in regular Mu Helper mode, not in offHelper mode), but rest of jewels/zen/lucky coins, event ticket parts are picked up also in OffHelper mode

Maximum time for using Off Helper without re-logging:
* Free players: 18 hours
* VIP players: 24 hours

Official MU Helper pick selected items (default):
* Lucky Coin
* Cherry Blossom
* Firecracker
* Medal (for Gold Medal and Silver Medal)
* Imp
* Sealed (for Golden Sealed Box and Silver Sealed Box)

Other important items to pick with Official MU Helper (suggested):
* Loch Feather
* Crest of Monarch
* Scrap
* Mirror
* Gem of Secret
* Condor (for Condor Flame and Condor Feather)
* Chaos Card
* Sign of the Lord
* Splinter of Armor
* Bless of Guardian
* Claw of Beast
* box